Meet the team – Daniël Lacko

At school, Daniël was interested in everything from theology to technology.  Eventually, he settled on applied engineering with a specialization in electronics-ICT. He focused on healthcare technologies for his bachelor and master thesis. During his master, he joined a multidisciplinary team for a project at the Product Development department. This, later on, made him decide to stay at Product Development to pursue a PhD about the design and ergonomics of brain-computer interfaces.

Daniël got introduced to Minze Health via Lola, who he met at the Product Development department of the University of Antwerp. Very interested in health services, he decided to apply for the vacancy of front-end developer. Still working on his PhD thesis at that time, Daniël combined both during the first year.

Daniël is now Software Product Manager at Minze Health. His responsibilities include defining software requirements, functionalities, testing and quality assurance. He helps with the development of the mobile app, web app and backend as a full-stack software engineer and manages remote software teams for outsourced projects. Daniël takes great satisfaction from his job, because it allows him to use his technical and analytical skills to help people.

Outside of work, Daniël is a busy bee. Volunteer at the Red Cross, renovating his recently bought house, playing the guitar or a bit of kung-fu now and then. He’s very passionate about Buddhism and a strong believer in mindfulness as a catalyst for personal development and wellbeing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others and started two mindfulness practice groups in Antwerp.

Everybody knows Murphy’s law, but a new version has been discovered: Danny’s law! “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong, everything that can’t go wrong will also go wrong, and therefore everything that needs to be done will take three times as long as reasonably expected”. While this means that time is usually not on his side, Daniël’s optimism and perseverance make sure projects will always be finished, and will be done well.

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