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I only want to collect flows. Do I also have to keep my voiding diary?

We have the option to do a ‘uroflowmetry only’ diary. In this case the patient should void on a frequency determined by the clinician.

With every void we only ask to indicate the urge, but no liquid intake or other parameters should be completed.

What if my patient can’t work with a smartphone?

No problem! Minze Homeflow can also be used to collect flows at the patient’s home without smartphone.

After collecting the flows, the patient returns the uroflowmeter and you can connect it to your app to sened everything to the Clinician Portal.

In this case, the full voiding diary is not available of course.


Does it work on Android or iOS?

To ensure that everyone can use the voiding diary, the MinzeFlow app is available for both Android and iOS.

Practically, how does it work?

For reasons of hygiene and patient identification, every patient gets his/her own cup. The cup will be linked to the name of the patient in the Clinician portal.

The cup serves as identifier to connect with the Minze system. No need to set up accounts or passwords. Just put your cup on the uroflowmeter, connect to the MinzeFlow app and get started!

The uroflowmeter and holder are reusable and can be disinfected after use.

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