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Almost thereUpdate #2 | Minze Health

Hi all,

Very often we get asked about our status and when Minze Homeflow or Hospiflow will be available. Finally we can say we’re almost there! A lot has happened the past few months. Certification, testing, congresses, production… You name it, we’ve done it!

That’s why we decided to give you an insight in the inner workings of Minze and what we are up to in the coming months.

When developing a medical device, one of your main concerns is definitely quality management and certification.
We got word (off the record, but   WE DID IT!!) that we successfully passed all audits for CE and ISO13485. After a little celebration, we are now impatiently awaiting the official certificates!
Test runs took place, the first units were thoroughly evaluated and modified where necessary. The first batch of uroflowmeters is in production and expected to arrive soon. We can’t wait to see our first babies!
We recently launched our Early Adopters Program, which is expected to start as of spring 2018! 100+ clinicians signed up already. Do you want to be among the first to start working with Homeflow or Hospiflow? Get in touch:
Keep on flowing
Testing and gathering data are key factors in developing our system! Here you see our Minze warriors Daniël, Laura, Lola and Josef drinking water in preparation of a uroflowtest in the hospital. Fortunately, this type of examinations will become a lot more convenient with Minze Uroflowmeters!
Last summer, we had our first intern at Minze Health! Chloé studies Health IT at Polytech Grenoble (France) and during her internship she worked on different software related projects such as EHR-integration and new back-end features.
Student and interested in E-Health? Get in touch:! We love sharing our experience!
Meet us here
2017 – December 1-2      BAU Annual Congress 2017, Sint Truiden (BE)
2018 – March 17-19         EAU 2018, Copenhagen (DK)
2018 – March 23               Bijscholingsdag Urotherapie, Utrecht (NL)
2018 – April 11-14            ESPU 2018, Helsinki (FIN)

Propose a project 

Interested in projects, clinical trials or other experiments with Homeflow or Hospiflow?
Send us your contact details at
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