Exciting times ahead! | Update #3

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Exciting times ahead! | Update #3 | Minze Health

Spring 2018 is coming, which means for Minze Health that some major milestones are coming up! Presence at EAU18, continuous testing and updating our products and the first deliveries that are scheduled for April!
Find out what we’ve been up to and what the future has in store for us in this Update #3!

Meet us at EAU18!

We will be presenting Minze Homeflow and Minze Hospiflow at the Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology that takes place in Copenhagen, 16-20 March. EAU18 is the biggest and most important scientific meeting in urology, attracting around 15.000 urology specialists  every year.
Are you:
  • Urologist and you would like to know how to get more valuable information out of your uroflowmetry and voiding diary results?  
  • Physiotherapist in need of a uroflowmetry solution that fits your needs?
  • Researcher looking for a tool to study in a controlled and automated manner the voiding behavior of your subjects?
  • Working in pharma and organizing clinical trials that require data on the effects on the urinary tract during treatment?
  • Other clinician involved in pelvic health and interested to learn more?
Book a meeting with one of our colleagues or just pass by and visit us at booth I16! It’s in the red area, next to the catering stand in the exhibition hall.
Book a meeting!
What do we actually measure?
Ever wondered what Minze Homeflow and Hospiflow actually measure? They’re both solutions to perform uroflow tests on a normal toilet. Hospiflow is meant for use in the hospital or private practice, while Homeflow allows the clinician collect uroflows and voiding diary data from the comfort of the patient’s home. Learn more about uroflowmetry and voiding diaries by clicking the links!
Over the past few months, clinical tests took place in Belgium and the Netherlands. We will continue to test with more clinicians and hospitals, making Minze’s uroflow system the best in usability, reliability and patient comfort. In the meanwhile, we are kicking of our Early Adopters Program. We’re very happy to announce that the first deliveries of Homeflow and Hospiflow in Belgium and the Netherlands will take place as of April!

So far, the interest had been overwhelming! Step by step we’ll also be expanding to other (EU) countries as of this summer.  Do you still want to be among the first to start working with Homeflow or Hospiflow? Preorder yours now! 
Preorder now!
Clinical trials

The last months we have been testing in multiple hospitals in Belgium and the Netherlands.  We learned a lot, were very happy with the outcome and the user feedback so far was unanimous:
  • Use on a normal toilet is a big plus for the patient
  • Easy to handle for the clinician
  • Hygienic accessories
  • Works very well for kids
Call for internships
Call for summer interns:
Frontend development: implementing new features in our clinician portal
Marketing: content creation, setting up automated lead generation, social media

Student and interested in e-health? Get in touch: info@minzehealth.com!
We love sharing our experience!
Meet us here
2018 – March 17-19         EAU 2018, Copenhagen (DK)
2018 – March 23               Bijscholingsdag Urotherapie, Utrecht (NL)
2018 – April 11-14            ESPU 2018, Helsinki (FIN)
2018 – April 13                  Voorjaarscongres NVFB, Utrecht (NL)
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