Meet the Team – Thomas Stubbe

Thomas joined Minze in April of 2018. When approached for a position at Minze, his attention was drawn by the drive of the team and the passion for what they’re doing.  With previous experiences in his mind, he was mainly looking for a young company with a product that is developed in-house.

Thomas graduated from HoGent with a Master’s Degree in Industrial Sciences with a specialization in IT. He’s very proud of his Master’s thesis, that was a big challenge to him. Titled “Automated shape and structure analysis of musical audio with flexible graphical interface”, he developed an application for automatic audio segmentation that focuses on ethnic music.

During his career, he has worked on front-end, back-end, mobile development, databases etc. in different languages and technologies, which implies that Thomas can now be considered a full-stack developer.

As Minze’s software development manager, Thomas’ primary focus is to get the software running smoothly and to manage the software releases. He is also the scrum master of the Minze software team, which means that he plans and directs the sprint meetings according to the Agile principle .

“Efficiency is key,” is Thomas’ main belief when it comes to programming. Whenever things are not moving fast enough, loud grunts can be heard coming from the software department (aka ‘sourcequarium‘). 😛

Thomas appears to have lots of creative pursuits: photography, producing electronic music, crafting, etc. He also enjoys DIY projects around the house: tiling, bricklaying or even building his own swimming pond. When not creating things, Thomas can also be found gaming: PlayStation, Magic, board games, he enjoys them all.

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