Two abstracts at ESPU Nurses Congress 2019!

We are very excited that our abstracts got accepted for the Oral Presentation at the 2019 ESPU Nurses Congress end of April in Lyon!

Sam will present the finding of a study with Minze Homeflow, analyzing the variability of uroflowmetries within children. Significant variability was found in Qmax and flow curve in successive voids, underlining the high clinical potential of Homeflow.

Lola will present the finding of a feasibility study with the Minze Potty. The lack of a comfortable uroflowmeter solution for toddlers today could be the reason for scarce and varied paediatric uroflow data. The study shows that the Minze Potty is considered a comfortable and valuable tool to obtain uroflows in toddlers, enabling more research in paediatric uroflowmetry.

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