Meet the Team – Lola Bladt

Lola started her career as Minze’s Product Developer mid-2015. She studied Product Development at the University of Antwerp and applied for a project on uroflowmetry in babies for her Master’s thesis. This project was led by Gunter De Win, who was quite impressed with Lola’s results and introduced her to Jiri and Josef. At that time, they were starting up Minze.

Ever since Lola got involved in Minze, she realized that there were still a lot of obstacles to overcome before getting to uroflowmetry in babies. The current uroflowmetry systems for adults and children were outdated and not patient friendly. During her education, she mainly focused on innovation in health care and did multiple projects in this field. “From the product development side, health care is an incredibly interesting sector. One where usability meets technology. Helping patients and improving the comfort of patients is a nice bonus.”.

Lola is now Minze’s R&D Manager. What she actually does? She drafts the flow of our app, designs the accessories (peehat, cup, potty, etc.), does technical tests, sets up user tests, … She sees herself as a mediator between all the other specialists. She gives the right input and constraints to others so they can work their specialists’ magic. As R&D Manager, Lola knows what the user wants and what is technologically achievable. 

At Minze’s office, Lola makes sure that every colleague slowly but steadily drops his/her standards about “pee-privacy”. For every user test, the Minzers will be her first victims. One time, Lola aligned all the guys and started randomly re-arranging them in line. She was trying to guess their “drop height”. Her dedication to science/urology often outruns socially acceptable boundaries.  

When not at work, Lola still has a lot of energy, so she’s often doing sports: she plays soccer and spends a lot of time in the gym. She’s a real city girl, so shopping, having drinks and doing citytrips are also amongst her favorite activities.

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