Minze Bladder Diary, coming soon!

Minze is launching a new bladder diary product at EAU20 in Amsterdam! Minze Bladder Diary is a dedicated device to register voided volume and time, it’s low-cost, single-patient-use and works in combination with our medically certified mobile app and clinician software.

Today, bladder diaries are a highly valuable diagnostic tool for both patient and clinicians. A bladder diary is a daily record of the patient’s fluid intake and urinary output and can help to objectify a patient’s subjective explanation of voiding habits and symptoms, such as voiding frequency and urgency. Additionally they can be used to set a baseline and track improvements or decline in a patient’s symptoms over time or after treatment.

Today’s paper based, manual method

Usually bladder diaries are recorded on paper or in some cases with a mobile app. The patient is expected to manually measure his/her voided volume using a kitchen measuring beaker and keep track of liquid intake and incontinence episodes during 2-3 days.

(Paper based bladder diary example)

A very valuable practice. However, in practice the paper based bladder diaries are often unreliable due to low patient compliance, resulting in incomplete diaries, unclear notes or incorrectly measured volumes.

Minze Bladder Diary

To overcome the low patient compliance, Minze is launching Minze Bladder Diary, a fully automated tool where volume and time are registered automatically with the Minze Bladder Diary device. It’s dedicated to register volume and time registration, it’s low-cost, single-patient-use and works in combination with our medically certified mobile app and clinician software.(Minze bladder diary device, more information soon)

After voiding into the device, the patient is prompted to complete the bladder diary questions in the mobile application shown below.(Minze bladder diary app)

The clinician can then consult the bladder diary results using the Minze Portal. The bladder diary data are automatically processed, so no more manual calculations of volumes and frequency needed! The digital report also allows to easily add it to a patient’s medical file.

(Minze clinician portal with a processed bladder diary)

Minze Bladder diary is based on the learnings of Minze Homeflow

With Minze Homeflow, it’s already possible to keep an automated bladder diary.
More than 250 patients have made use of it already with great results. One of the most important learnings from Minze Homeflow is that making use of a physical device (Minze uroflowmeter), in combination with a well structured and easy to use mobile application increases patient engagement, and therefore patient compliance. That’s why we are launching a dedicated, low-cost, single patients use bladder diary device which works in combination with our CE certified mobile app and clinician software.

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