Minze Uroflowmeter : Streamlining Urology Practices with Minze Uroflowmetry Systems: Hospiflow and Homeflow

Harnessing advanced technology and patient-centered design, Minze’s Hospiflow and Homeflow systems are revolutionizing uroflowmetry practice. This comprehensive suite of uroflowmetry tools empowers healthcare professionals with unprecedented efficiency and provides patients with unprecedented comfort and convenience.

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Hospiflow: Versatile Uroflowmetry for healthcare professionals

The Hospiflow system is the most advanced and versatile uroflowmetry system available for healthcare facilities. This state-of-the-art tool provides stress-free measurement experiences as it effortlessly installs on any standard toilet.

Minze uroflowmeter - Hospiflow

Hospiflow’s wireless and cloud-based structure supports a seamless and efficient practice workflow. Its intuitive clinician portal integrates smoothly with existing EMR systems, enabling easy assessment of uroflow measurements and comparison of results over time or against normative data.

Homeflow: Comfortable and Convenient Uroflowmetry at Home

Taking a leap further into the future of urology, Minze’s Homeflow is a groundbreaking uroflowmetry system that brings diagnostics into patients’ homes. With Homeflow, patients can comfortably complete a full report (IPSS + uroflow) from their home, saving time for clinicians to focus on valuable tasks during practice hours.

Minze Uroflowmeter - Homeflow

Homeflow captures multiple uroflow measurements, providing more representative data for diagnosis and monitoring of conditions like Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Bladder Outlet Obstruction (BOO). Its complementary bladder diary app educates patients about their prostate health and provides clear insights into treatment outcomes and personalized recommendations.

Clinicians benefit significantly from Homeflow’s remote follow-up capabilities. It allows professionals to monitor their patients’ progress, evaluate treatment outcomes, and provide tailored and science-based education on fluid intake management, nocturia, and bladder training exercises.

Innovative Patient App

Both the Hospiflow and Homeflow systems are complemented by the Minze Flow app, connecting via Bluetooth. The app offers the option to register only uroflow data or provide a complete bladder diary with little to no effort. Integrated ePROMs questionnaires and AI assistance ensure complete data collection for better compliance.

Clinically Validated and Certified

Minze’s Hospiflow and Homeflow systems have already made significant impacts in the field of urology. With over 250K measurements recorded from more than 90K patients, these tools have clinically validated data. Moreover, they are certified to FDA & CE standards, ensuring they meet the highest medical device safety and performance regulations.

Minze’s Uroflowmetry Systems are the future of urology practice. With improved patient comfort, comprehensive data collection, and seamless integration into existing workflows, they offer a solution that enhances both patient care and clinical efficiency. Book a live demo today and discover how Hospiflow and Homeflow can transform your practice!

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