Exciting 2023 insights; what’s next in 2024? Highlights from last year and a sneak peek into the future!

2023 has been an extraordinary year for us. We are excited to share these moments with you as we look forward to the future!

Doubling Our Strength: 

Our team has grown impressively, expanding from 7 to 14 dedicated members, each bringing their unique expertise and passion to Minze.

Global Impact: 

We’re thrilled to announce more than 130,000 patients across 30 countries have now experienced the benefits of our products, a testament to our global reach and effectiveness.

Expanded Distributor Network: 

This year saw us welcome new distributors in Spain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Ireland, and UAE, broadening our network and impact. 

Clinical Adoption Diary Pod: 

A significant milestone for Minze is our latest product, Diary Pod, now being adopted by clinics in Europe, the Middle East, and the US for daily practice. This innovative tool is revolutionizing LUTs treatment, offering advanced solutions and enhanced care in urology.

Innovative Patient Solution: 

We’ve launched a whole new consumer-focused dashboard that offers actionable first-line recommendations to the patient based on the collected bladder diary data. This provides patients with valuable insights and the ability to take better care of their bladder health symptoms themselves.

A brand-new Office: 

To accommodate our expanding team, we have moved to a new location in Dunden, a co-working space nestled in the heart of Antwerp. This space is a hub for various medical technology startups and scale-ups, offering a vibrant and collaborative environment.

Pioneering Studies: 

We have received numerous exciting new publications on Automated Bladder Diaries (Minze Diary) and at-home uroflowmetry (Homeflow) from prominent centers in Paris, Birmingham, Berlin, Bristol, Antwerp, and Barcelona, which underscores our significance in urological healthcare.

2023 spoiled us with incredibly exciting news, but what will 2024 bring? Let’s give you a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for 2024!  

Game-changing Study: 

We have recently launched a pivotal study comparing paper-based and automated bladder diaries at one of the most renowned hospitals in the US. Anticipated in 2024, this study is expected to be a game-changer, potentially accelerating the adoption of automated bladder diaries in urological private practices and hospitals across the US.

MDR Certification: 

While our Uroflowmeter has already been granted MDR certification, we are now anticipating the MDR certification for our Software Platform tech file by April 2024. This transition from the previous MDD to the updated MDR standard underscores our commitment to meeting the highest standards of a modern medical device, building greater trust among our clients

Digital Therapeutics DTx: 

Last but not least we are excited to share our latest venture into the realm of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) within urology. Blending digital technology with medical expertise to provide scalable and cost-effective yet highly personalized, data-focused care. 

We hope you enjoyed our 2023 highlights and 2024 sneak peek. Looking forward to having you with us for our next Minze updates!

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