CaMiCon Study reveals the benefits of an automated bladder diary versus a traditional pen-and-paper method.

The CaMiCon study in OAB patients has revealed that 84% prefer the use of an automated bladder diary solution, compared to the traditional pen-and-paper method. 42% of participants has not registered urgency or leakage episodes in the paper bladder diary, compared to only 3% with the automated solution.

The CaMiCon study demonstrated that the Minze Diary Pod® is a reliable and innovative tool for bladder diaries. It simplifies data collection for the majority of patients (83%) and, by enhancing patient compliance, could yield higher-quality data, facilitating interpretation by the physician. These factors promote the adoption of the connected voiding diary as a diagnostic tool. Additionally 84% prefer the use of an automated bladder diary solution, compared to the traditional pen-and-paper method and it can be employed for assessing treatment effectiveness in both daily clinical practice and research.

In this post, we have summarised the key takeaways of the CaMiCon webinar. (Recording of the webinar at the bottom of this page.)

Link to study:

CaMiCon Study details

The study was conducted at the European Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris by Dr. Hurel, Dr. Aleméda and the team of Prof. Dr. Mejean from April 2022 to January 2023. 

Starting point: bladder diaries are crucial in the diagnosis and follow-up of treatment of patients with an Overactive Bladder (OAB). However, the majority of bladder diaries are not filled out correctly.

Goal: evaluate the completeness and patient acceptance of an automated bladder diary solution (Minze Diary Pod) and compare it to the current paper-based method.

Study Design: 

Tools used

The study has evaluated the Minze Diary Pod, consisting of:

Results CaMiCon Study

Data collection

Patient experience

Almost all of the patients in this study are satisfied or very satisfied with the Diary Pod.
84% of the patients preferred the Diary Pod over traditional pen and paper methods.


  1. The Minze Diary Pod is a helpful tool to facilitate a bladder diary and to assist a patient with data collection
  2. Reusable and single patient use device, can be used for multiple diaries
  3. The Minze Diary Pod should be considered as a tool to collect better quality data throughout the diagnostic and treatment pathway
  4. The Minze Diary enhances patient compliance
  5. Suitable for reseach & daily clinical practice
  6. 84% of patients prefer diary pod over handwritten diaries.
  7. Improved data Interpretation for physician
  8. Cost can be a hurdle for some patients, and it could be recommended in specific situations requiring precise data.

Experience in daily practice: Q&A with Dr. Hurel:

The webinar was concluded with a Q&A with Dr. Hurel, who has shared her experiences with the Diary Pod in her day-to-day practice:

Watch the full webinar (FR)

Discover the insights from the latest CaMiCon study in this webinar. (FR language)

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