Uroflowmetry on any toilet, in the hospital or private practice

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Uroflowmetry Reinvented

Stress free method for a more natural uroflow. Wireless and waterproof, practical in use and maintenance.

  • On Any Toilet
  • Portable
  • Improved practice workflow

Uroflowmetry made simple. With our easy to use features.

Bluetooth connected. Data wirelessly transferred to the cloud.
On Any Toilet
Use it on any toilet, any time, anywhere.
Can be used on different locations.
Waterproof uroflowmeter and accessories, easy to clean.

When using the Minze system with kids, you can do uroflowmetries without them even noticing!

Pediatric urologist
The Netherlands

What is attractive to me is the fact that it is portable, because I need to see patients at different locations.

the Netherlands

This is great! We currently have no tools to evaluate the effect of our therapies in our own practice.


Clinician Portal

Assess and compare the uroflowmetries of your patient in the user friendly clinician portal.

  • Compare and assess
    Compare and assess
    Clear overview of the uroflows and compare with historic data of the patient.
  • In-depth flow analysis
    In-depth flow analysis
    Clear overview of the uroflowmetry parameters and traces.
  • Export for EHR integration
    Export for EHR integration
    Export the data and add it to the patient's EHR file.

Natural voiding position for men, women and children.

A comfortable voiding position for every patient.
Put the Homeflow system on top of the toilet
Toddlers won't notice they're being monitored

Seamless Connectivity

Use the Minze Gateway or MinzeFlow app to connect the uroflowmeter to your clinician portal.

  • Plug and Play
  • Secure connection
  • Wifi or ethernet
Seamless Connectivity


Frequently asked questions

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How do I clean the system?

The Minze Uroflowmeter and accessories are non-critical patient-care items that require low-level to intermediate disinfection. All items are designed for hygiene and easy maintenance.
The Uroflowmeter can be rinsed with cold water and disinfected with alcohol. The Hospiflow cup should be rinsed with water after every use and disinfected with alcohol at the end of the day.

How secure is the system?

At Minze, we care deeply about privacy and data security. That’s why the system is using state-of-the- art, cloud based infrastructure that was designed for optimal protection of personal data and data privacy.
Minze Uroflow is a Medical Device CE Class 1m (MDD 93/42/EEC) with software that is Medical Device Software Class B (IEC 62304).

Every data transfer is encrypted and the patient identifiable information (PII) and the protected health information (PHI) are always stored and transfered separately.

Do I need to install software on my computer?

No software has to be installed. The Minze Clinician Portal can be accessed through the most common web browsers.

What are the technical specifications of the uroflowmeter?

Technical Specifications:

  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Batteries: Replaceable, 4x AA Alkaline
  • Cup Capacity: 1200ml

Measurement Specifications:


  • Range: 0-1000ml
  • Resolution: 1ml
  • Accuracy: Within 3% full scale
  • Sampling rate: 20Hz

Flow Rate

  • Range: 0-50ml/s
  • Resolution: 1ml/s
  • Accuracy: Within 5% full scale
  • Sampling rate: 20HzV

Void Duration

  • Max time recording: 180s