Uroflowmetry and bladder diaries reinvented

Uroflowmetry and automated bladder diaries to enhance patients’ health and wellbeing when suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms by bringing innovative, accurate and easy-to-use medical products to the patients’ home.

Discover Minze Consumer Products.

Automated bladder diary

Screen your bladder health at home with an automated bladder diary. 


Uroflowmetry at home

Screen your uroflow curves at home with the Minze uroflowmeter.


Discover Minze Clinician Products.


Advanced wireless uroflowmetry system that fits on any toilet. 


Revolutionizing uroflowmetry from the patients’ home.

Diary Pod

Advanced LUTS diagnostics with automated bladder diaries.

Clinically validated systems



Hospitals, Practices, Medtech, CRO.



BPH, Nocturia, OAB, Stress incontinence. 



Minze products are used by clinicians all over the world.

Our customers

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Clinician Portal

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Intuitive and user-friendly software for clinicians to manage the daily workflow + remote patient monitoring.

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Add automatically processed bladder diaries to your workflow and compare measurements over time.

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Wireless and cloud-based system. Easy to install. No PC or printer needed close to the uroflowmeter.

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Seamlessly integrates with your EMR system. Encrypted data (GDPR and HIPAA compliant)

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Book online demo!

Feel like this could fit your practice? Schedule an online demonstration and have all you questions answered!


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Voiding Diary App

Our intuitive patient app connects to the Minze products and guides the patient through the assessment.

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Automatically tracks voiding parameters

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Captures additional patient input

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Assists patients to comply with their bladder diary

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Secure communication between app and clinician portal

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