Homeflow & Hospiflow

Diagnosis and monitoring
of voiding disorders at home, in the hospital and private practice


Uroflowmeter that can be used on a normal toilet
with accessories for men, women and children

Minze Health - Homeflow

Mobile app with
integrated voiding diary

Intuitive voiding diary app connected to
the uroflowmeter

Minze Health - Homeflow

Online urologist platform
with key patient data

The voiding diary is automatically processed and multiple uroflowmetries can be compared

Minze Health - Homeflow

Specifically designed accessories allow patients to use the uroflowmeter in the comfort of their own toilet

A mobile app allows the patient to keep a voiding diary and to connect with the urologist

The voiding diary and uroflowmetry data is processed and visualized in an online urologist platform

Ergonomic accessories

Accessories for standing
and sitting position

  • Sitting
  • Standing

Potty for toddlers

Potty designed
for toddlers

  • Potty

Excellent build quality

Medical grade accessories that are easy to use and clean

Smart, bluetooth connected

Minze's uroflowmeter is context aware and easy to use, which guarantees correct measurements from the patient's home

Bluetooth LE 4.2

Sends uroflow data in a secured way to the app

Multi sensor unit

The uroflowmeter detects its position and presence of urine to ensure correct use


Hygienic, can be washed and disinfected

Easy to use voiding diary app

Patients will be guided by an intuitive smartphone app

Connected to uroflowmeter

Collects data from the uroflowmeter and sends it to the platform

Accurate & automated

Voided volume and time automatically registered and processed

Urologist platform

Easy to use online platform for urologists with a wide range of functionalities that provide multiple ways to assess the patient's uroflow and voiding diary data

In-depth analysis

Visualizes flows, nomograms and Qmax/voided volume

Voiding diary analysis

Automated processing of voiding diary data

EHR/EPD integration

Automated EHR/EPD integration can be implemented

Data export

Raw data can be exported for studies

Uroflowmetry summary
Automated voiding diary summary
Voiding diary overview
Uroflow overview

Voids are visualized in a Qmax over voided volume chart and uroflows can be compared

Voiding diary data coming from the patient app are automatically processed

Voided volumes, voiding time, fluid intake and leakage are presented in a comprehensive way

The multiple flows can easily be compared and selected

Overview and Specs

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