Minze’s Hospiflow featured on Dutch TV show.

We are happy to share that Minze Health was recently featured on the BBN/VARA Dutch TV show, Kassa “Testcase”, where they organized a urine test with 10 test persons of different ages and genders.

The subjects were asked to drink half a liter of water every 30 minutes and when they could not hold it anymore, they were investigated by urologist Dr. Nader Naderi.

Our urolflow meter, Minze’s Hospiflow, was used by the test subjects to measure exactly how much urine they voided, how long it took, and with how much force.

We would like to express our gratitude to Pelvitec BV, our Dutch distributor, for organizing the use of Minze’s Hospiflow in this test.

Please follow this link to watch it (Dutch language): Hoe lang kan jij je plas ophouden? En waar ligt dat aan? – Kassa – BNNVARA

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